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Offline Adger Hatherton III, Esq  
#1 Posted : Thursday, March 23, 2023 4:38:46 AM(UTC)
Adger Hatherton III, Esq

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A brief question for Tizzy or T.A.G, if I may!

I would offer my curiosity what sorts of plans there are for seeing that viewpoint characters in Doom's Day show sufficient humanity to be interesting to human readers.

And I do offer my reasons for asking such a question!

I find myself in deep fear that Tommus is starting to become less interesting to mortals, as he moves into being the 'dark' overlord that he was born to be. In a similar manner the D'orks may prove difficult for some to relate to.

Revisiting the storylines, I found that Hilda brought a very human type viewpoint to books 2 and 3, as did Talarius, and while Jenn and Gastrope became less important in those books, they have some possibility.

Do please take this as gentle feedback, encouragement, and expressed curiosity!

And as always, you do have my thanks for what's been given thus far in this labor of love.

Offline The Author Guy  
#2 Posted : Friday, March 24, 2023 4:20:49 PM(UTC)
The Author Guy

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Great points!

And these actually have been on my mind and been wrestling with in book 4, trying to reorient things a bit.

There are problems with such a long story and trying to balance the different aspects and different characters stories and relevance, and it's particularly difficult when you don't have the complete/final version to work with and can go back and reorder things past and present to sort of smooth things out.

So what happens is you get long sections that sort of fall into certain tracks. So I am working to try to smooth that sort of thing out. In particular the battle and build up took a big chunk of space and time in book 3 where some of that humanity got lost, and there was a lot happening and not a lot of time for deeper stuff, at least in the last half of book 3.

And it's true that some character arcs disappear for a while and may not come back, or maybe they do. In particular I am working on bringing Gastrope' and Jenn back into the picture even as some other fall off and Lenamare and Jehenna etc. But also, trying to bring the Rupert story forward, there was a lot I want/wanted to do with Rupert, Fer Rog and the teen orcs but again so many stories/perspectives getting them all in and doing them justice gets tricky.

But one problem that happens to all of these characters, eventually, is that after time they get jaded as they join the 'in crowd', so to get that human experience, new characters have to come in, or at least that's one option. That is part of Rede's purpose, as we see in book 4, he's getting thrust into an 'inside crowd' that includes people who were outsiders but are now insiders and more jaded, like Vaselle (although he was sort of nuts to begin with, so fitting in wasn't that hard for Vaselle)

So short response is, I hear you, and am trying to work that back into book 4.

BUT the problem is, that means less time for Tom and that also disappoints people.

Also, I would point out that one should also consider the 'humanity' of less pleasant, more flawed, individuals, even if they seem to be people of power or strength. I am thinking Talarius and Lenamare as particular examples. Talarius is definitely on a growth path and that will be continuing slowly but surely.


Offline Lodrik  
#3 Posted : Sunday, April 23, 2023 12:32:28 PM(UTC)

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This reminds me strongly of the bewilderment the avatars felt when they saw that Tommus saved the Risi and how gentle/careful he was with them >.<
Offline Tizzy  
#4 Posted : Monday, April 24, 2023 11:51:42 PM(UTC)

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True, Tom is fundamentally a good guy and tries to be fair and just.

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