The Council of Wizardry

The Council of Wizardry is made up of the thirteen preeminent wizards of Astlan as selected by the Council Roster.  This high honor is not bestowed lightly.  Membership upon the council is for a term of 5 years and may be renewed at the mandate of the Roster.

Members of the Council of Wizardry, PV 440, Demoni
Name Year Elected Comments
Lord Gandros PV 421 Chairman of the Council
Alexandros Mien PV 411 Archimage of Garander, Elder member of the Council
Randolf II PV 421 Archimage of Turelane
Zilquar PV 421 Founder of the Zilquar School of Wizardry.
Lenamare PV 426 Founder of Lenamare's School of Wizardry
Exador PV  426
Archimage Exador is Mage of Turelane the Archimage of Turelane's Chancellor Arcane
Sier Barvon PV 431 Archimage of Yorkton
Tureledor PV 431 Archimage of Tureledor
Davron PV 431 Archimage of Markforton
Trevin D'Vils PV 436 Enchantress of the Grove
Damien PV 436 Council Inquisitor
Jehenna PV 436 Master Sorceress of Lenamare's School of Wizardry
Open N/A Seat currently vacent since the death of Tier Bastion in the month of Nilis.

In addition to the joint committees of the two councils, the Council of Wizardry and the Council Roster have the following internal committees to deal directly with affairs of Wizardry:

  • Committee on Research
  • Committee on Demonology (superseded the Committee on Conjury)
  • Committee on Sorcery
  • Committee on Enchantment
  • Committee on Pyromancy
  • Committee on Thaumaturgy
  • Committee on Runic Lore
  • Committee on Necromancy:  This committee, unlike the others specialization committees is concerned with restricting, regulating and as necessary, eliminating necromancy.
  • Committee on Academic Affairs
  • Committee of the Library and Patents

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