The Los Sidhe (Aes Sidhe) and The Seelie Court

For reasons beyond simple explanations. the Sidhe have split into to two camps, the Los Sidhe and the Dok Sidhe.  The Los Sidhe tend to take a harmonious approach to coexistence with other (non-Sidhe) races and are also referred to as the Aes Sidhe, The Good People.  The Los Sidhe hierarchy is sometimes known as the Seelie Court.

The Los Sidhe are comprised of multiple Sidhe subraces (like the Dok Sidhe) each of whom have their own reasons for associating themselves with the Los Sidhe cause.  

The members of the Los Sidhe include, but are not limited to:

Selected Members of the Seelie Court
The Los Alvar
The Bean Tighe
Daoine Maithe
Fir Bolg
The Gruagach
The Red Haired Men
Tylwyth Teg

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