The Dok Sidhe and The Unseelie Court

For reasons beyond simple explanations. the Sidhe have split into to two camps, the Los Sidhe and the Dok Sidhe.  The Dok Sidhe tend to take a rather predatory and aggressive stance to coexistence with other (non-Sidhe) races.

The Dok Sidhe are comprised of multiple Sidhe subraces (like the Los Sidhe) each of whom have their own reasons for associating themselves with the Dok Sidhe cause. This hierachy is sometimes referred to as The Unseelie Court  For some races, it is simply an issue of coexistence with beings they feel have usurped their world, for others it is the desire for domination, and for some, simple sadism.

The members of the Dok Sidhe include, but are not limited to:

Selected Members of the Unseelie Court
The Dok Alvar
The Bean Nighe
The Bean Sidhe
The Cailleach
The Cluricauns
Dullahan (Gan Ceann)
The Far Darrig
Far Dorocha
The Far Gorta
The Far Liath
The Pooka

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