The Council of Magistrates

The Council of Magistrates is made up of one representative from each of the member states.  The selection process of the representatives varies from state to state.  It may be an elected, hereditary, or appointed position depending on that state's government.  The traditional term of office is five years, however this is completely subjective to the desires of the particular member state being represented. 

Members of the Council of Magistrates, PV 440, Demoni
Name Initial Year Comments
Lord Bastion PV 433 Chairman of the Council (Brother of the late Tier Bastion on the Council of Wizardry)
Elder Tomath PV 411 Representative of For Mori
Sister Drusena PV 418 Representative of Belen Dorn
Lord Phelgrath PV 424 Representative of Mori An
Baron Vlades PV 426 Representative of Dryas
Master Felgraf PV 427 Representative of Hoggensforth
Lord Perington PV 429 Representative of Nisfelt.
Lord Tomas PV 430 Representative of Dorn
Master Wright Trendelforth PV 430 Representative of Horn
Sir Forkorth PV 431 Representative of Markforton
Sir Sartris PV 434 Representative of Tris
Burgomaster Falron  PV 435 Representative of Yorkton
Sir Nestrith PV 436 Representative of For An
Master Forn PV 436 Representative of Del An
Constable Smithford PV 436 Representaive of Kaln
Master Beltan PV 438 Representative of Bel An
Sir Weblendon PV 439 Representative of Viz An

In addition to the joint committees of the two councils, the Council of Magistrates has the following internal committees to deal directly with affairs of the land:

  • Committee on Alchemy
  • Committee on Apprenticeship
  • Committee on Agriculture
  • Committee on Construction
  • Committee on Forestry
  • Committee on Jewelry
  • Committee on Shipbuilding
  • Committee on Smithing
  • Committee on Transportation
  • Committee on Usury
  • Committee on Water


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