Commonly Used Calendars

Years and Calendars: It often seems that every empire and sometimes every ruling house wants to try to start a new calendar with themselves. Fortunately, in the world at large, trade and communication tends to limit this practice. Nonetheless, there are easily several hundred systems that have been used over time. Below are listed either the most prevalent today, or the most historically useful ones.

Post Vargosian (PV):Dates from the fall of the Vargosite Empire, Official Calendar of the Freehold Council of Wizards and most merchants dealing with Freehold, hence most of the continents of Norelan and Eton.

Vargosite Calendar (VC):Official Calendar of the now defunct Vargosite Empire, dates from the founding of the Vargosite Empire. Still common in outlying territories of the former Empire.

Anichronia (AC):Oldest 'human' calendar still known to be in use today. While not politically popular, this calendar is in use simply due to its prevalence in scholarly circles. Many old texts use this calendar, and at one time it was extremely widespread; as such, it makes a very good reference point between various calendars.

Calendar Vizenhein (CV):Often confused by nondwarves with the Vargosite Calendar, this is the calendar used by the dwarven rulers of the legendary city of Vizenhein. It predates the Anichronia Calendar, though it is not in widespread use since the fall of Vizenhein near the collapse of the Vargosite Empire.

Date Oorstemothian (DO):No attempt is given to categorize or indicate historical aspects of the Oorstemothian Calendar inaccuracies in official Oorstemothian history are illegal. Rather than risk criminal prosecution by the Oorstemothian government, the author directs all such inquiries to the Oorstemothian Office of Authoritative and Definitive Historical Accuracy.


Abbreviated Recent Timeline




Vosh Anon becomes the first D'Orc


Darg-Krallnom is D'Orced


Arg-nargoloth is D'Orced


Year Zero Mount Doom Time; First generators come online.


Boom Tunnels installe in the Abyss by Altrusian Engineers


Council of Princess realize the truth about Mount Doom


The Desolation of Ferundy & Cal Crestor begins.


Asgard sealed off from Midgard (Planes of Men) in the final official battle of Ragnarok


The An Empire is founded by the An-Kier, capitol is the city Bis.


Cult of Tiernon arrives in Norelon from Eton. Initially suppressed by Church of Illania.


Ramses the Great takes power in Bis. Undertakes renovation of An Empire, founds city of Tris in -1231.


First (of only two, the second in -2737PV) defeats suffered by Ramses the Great. In the process of Imperial Expansion, An army invades the lands of the Aniwizard Exador. Exador mobilizes his forces to resoundly repel Ramses' invasion.


Siege of Tiern Enon. The Siege last for two Uropian months. Eventually, the Portant surrenders the city to Ramses the Great. He resolves to form a military arm of the church. However, due to the subjugation by An forces, the Militia of Tiernon must be formed in secret.


Ramses the Great slain by Sir Eriamus, first Knight of Tiernon. The Militia of Tiernon is now divided into two categories, Soldiers of Tiernon and Knights of Tiernon.


Fall of the An Empire. Dwarven city of Steelwell declares independent state composed of the cities of Nickelwell, Cooperston and Iron Eel. The Forged Nation (Vargosian translation of dwarven name) is formed.


Followers of the Demon Sokrats are hunted down and destroyed for licentious and sinful behavior by the Knights of Tiernon.


United Nations of Norelon and Eton formed. Society of Learned Fellows and Society of Workers formed as two legislative bodies. Society of Workers is democratically elected from among the citizenry. Society of Learned Fellows is a large legislative body composed of animages (including wizards), priests, and sages. The two Societies are overseen by the Council of Magi. Council of Magi originally consists of 7 members, 2 lifetime animage positions, 1 other lifetime position (independent of profession), two 2 year term positions elected from within the Society of Learned Fellows, and two 1 year positions elected from the Society of Workers.


Archdemon Iscariot subverts the majority of the members of the Council of Magi. Legend holds that each council member and other key members of the government are paid with a medallion made of a silver coin, said to be of a highly magical nature. Thirty such medallions were said to have existed in total.


Council of Magi formally dissolved. Council of Anilords convened (all permanent positions are all animages (or wizards)).


Ramses II forms the Time Warriors as elite troops of the Anilords.


Davron forms the Corp of Mind Reavers as the intelligence arm of the Anilords.


Internal conflict between Ramses IV and the Archdemon Iscariot. Ramses betrays secret information about Iscariot to the Council of Anilords. Ramses and Iscariot fight. Iscariot is slain (believed permanent). Ramses IV called Ramses Demon Slayer.


Anilord Ponchas seizes control of the city of Diernon declaring independent sovereign state. Oorstemothian Wars of Sovereignty begin. Ramses VI holds Time Warriors out of conflict.


Anilord Ponchas reaches agreement with the Council of Anilords, Diernon will be allowed to remain independent. Nominal economic connections to the Council to be retained. Ponchas renames Diernon Keeper's City, surrounding state named formally renamed Oorstemoth (retroactive 37 years).


Anilord Ponchas II ordained Keeper of Law in Oorstemoth.


Sir Samwell, First Knight of High Justice pursues archdemon through the Gates of Hell, never to return.


Militia of Tiernon has long been hostily suppressed by the Anilords, and the Time Warriors in particular. The Militia of Tiernon is officially renamed the Rod of Tiernon (political euphemism).It and the Knights of Tiernon, led by Sir Astemon join the Cabal of Wizards in revolution against the Anilords.


Diemeron Hunt Master of the Mind Reavers is slain in combat by the Wizard Tisdale.


Ramses XIII (the Damned) defeated and slain at the battle of Enfiel. Rienon, Viefen, Niernon and Zarien, the last of the surviving Council of Anilords, are also hunted down and slain.


Rangers of Torean arrive in Natoor and shortly thereafter in Najaar. They are followed in 915 by priests, monks and non-combat clergy of Hendel and Krinna.


The Keeper of Law, Ponchas VII slain in Battle of Keeper's Green, Oorstemoth. Records are unclear as to who killed the Keeper of Law. Various sources site either Sir Astemon, the Wizard Tisdale, or Vicar General Exador.


The Rod of Tiernon leads the Etonian conquest of Natoor, utilizing plans devised by Rangers of Torean.


The Rod of Tiernon starts conquest of Najaar.


The Dark Apostle, Stoivenychas consumed by his own C.O.D. while battling the Wizard Tisdale in Astlan.


Vargos I uni tes several feudal states after the fall of the Anilords. Vargosite Empire formed, year 0 VC.


Followers of the ArchDemon Anselm disprove the existence of Tiernon, categorically insisting that there is only one god in the world and that is the god of the Arch Demon Anselm. (While it is unknown who the god of Anselm is, it is presumed to be the Concordenax as Anselm is an Arch Demon)The Rod proceeds on a Crusade to eliminate the Followers of Anselm.


Final temple of the Nyjyr Ennead laid to waste. The few remaining Nyjyr Ennead clergy are driven underground. Worship of the Nyjyr Ennead outlawed in Natoor and Najaar.


Council of Wizardry founded in opposition to Vargosite regulations on the practice of wizardry. City of Yer An renamed Freehold in defiance of Vargosite Empire, and declared independent state.


The Rod of Tiernon marches on Freehold after Emperor Kiernon IX persuades the Portant that Freehold's establishment was the first step in demonic invasion.


After prolonged siege fails, negotiations between Portant and Council begin.


Council convinces Portant of its non-evil intent by allowing a Temple of Tiernon to be established in Freehold for the monitoring of demonic activities. Emperor Kiernon IX imposes new tax laws on Church of Tiernon.


Portant excommunicates Kiernon IX. Threatens and later imposes interdiction on the Empire.


Kiernon IX deposed and Criestes III comes to power. Church of Ilania instated as High Church of Vargosite Empire. Temples of Tiernon had already been closed in other Vargosite Cities on Norelan due to interdict, Freehold now has the largest Temple of Tiernon on the continent.


Antefalken demonized.


100th War between Oorstemoth and Vargosite Empire. Instigator unknown. Oorstemoth victorious. (However, Vargosite records indicate that all battles were technically won by the Vargosite Empire).


Siege of Vizenhein ends.Vargosite Empire is triumphant, but victory is hollow as no remains of the city can be found. "Battle of Vizenhein" composed by the Bard Antefalken.


200th War between Vargosite Empire and Oorstemoth. Instigator unknown, Oorstemoth victorious.


Historical Year assigned to the final fall of Vargosite Empire. Emperor Creistos VII is overthrown, no claimants to the throne are successful in unification. Petty feudal states emerge.


Founding of the Magedom of Turelane by the Archimage Turelane Al Addin


Kingdom of Abancia founded.


Hilda of Rivenrock born.


Temple of Tiernon in Freehold closed due to reorganization of church.


Saint Hilda of Rivenrock canonized.


Abancian War of Dominance. General Exador leads civil war against King Theros of Abancia, followed by his son King An Theros of Abancia.


Abancian War of Dominance ends at great cost. The Abancian Royal line is ended with no heirs. General Exador slain, leaving his 13 year old son, Exador, as his heir.


Archimage Randolf the First appoints the Wizard Exador Mage of Turelane.


Conjuror Lenamare (18 years old) awarded the Triple Flame. Youngest wizard ever to receive Conjury's highest award. (Broke record formerly held by the (current) Wizard Exador).


Lenamare founds his own school.


Wizard Exador presents extremely well accepted "Treatise on Demonology," refuting previous work by Lenamare.


Lenamare receives the Golden Vizier (given for the best new spell in the last decade) for his Alternating Pentacles of Power. He narrowly defeats the Wizard Exador for this honor.


Exador is selected as Mage of Turelane (second to Archmage of Turelane), defeating Lenamare for the title.


Exador persuades Council of Wizardry that Lenamare's most recent line of work is unfounded, thus eliminating him from the competition for the Wand of Foresight Award.


Lenamare and Jehenna publish treatise criticizing extravagant, inhumane and dangerous research methods utilized by Exador. Investigation bears out most of the accusations, and Exador receives Official Censure for his practices.


Exador defeats Lenamare in competition for Golden Vizier Award.


Lenamare notifies Oorstemoth of Unauthorized Territorial Infringements, and Illegal Removal of Oorstemothian Property During Excavation of Historic Sites. Legal dispute between Exador and Oorstemoth begins.


Exador successfully ends legal dispute with Oorstemoth, proving he was not actually guilty. Oorstemoth begins investigation into Lenamare's original claims.

440/1994 (Cyclos)

The Wizard Lenamare, with almost no preparation, locates and binds a previously unbound Greater Demon; the first in several hundred years. The events in "The Demons of Astlan Volume I: Into the Abyss" commence.

Pay Attention to Details, and Never Forget


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