The Sidhe

The Sidhe are the eldest race in Astlan, they were the first creation of the Gods, with the goddess Danu overseeing their creation.   The Sidhe are divided internally between the Los Sidhe and the Dok Sidhe.  This division centers on  very complex philosophical differences that have created a never ending battle between the sub-races of the Sidhe.  The Los Sidhe espouse a general philosophy of benevolence towards all living things, whereas the Dok Sidhe have a far more aggressive and proprietary philosophy.

The Sidhe have a complex hierarchy of races, at the top of this hierarchy are the Alvar.   

One noted tradition is the 'Sluagh Sidhe' or 'fairy host,' the hunting parties of the Sidhe.  Both Dok and Los Alvar organize these adventures with their subjects.  Thus there is the Dok Sluah Sidhe and the Los Sluah Sidhe.  The latter often invite mortals to hunt and feast with them, the former sometimes hunt and feast on mortals.

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