The Grove: Part 'Natural' Fortress, Part Refugee Camp, All Legend.

   The Grove is situated due east of Abancia, it is a huge valley nestled in the heart of the largest, most daunting mountain range in Astlan.  The core peaks surrounding The Grove average 1.5 leagues in height (27,337.5 feet).  The very tallest mountains, including Mount Vulcus (the largest volcano in Astlan) are around 2 leagues in height (36,000+ feet).

These mountain ranges provide an extremely formidable defense for The Grove, however these peaks are only the first line of defense.  The mountain peaks surrounding The Grove are inhabited by multiple tribes of Aetós sworn to defend The Grove.  Inside and below the peaks are equally protective Modgriensofarthgonosefren cities and principalities; as well as several Gnome cities.  The valleys and slopes are home to multiple tribes of Mountain Jötnar who love the enourmous peaks that dwarf even their height.

Above, in the air, should an invader somehow get around or through the Aetós one would come up against the magic of the most well known defense of the Grove, Trevin D'Vils, the legendary Enchantress of the Grove.  Auspiciously a human woman, the Enchantress has been the principal ambassador, representative and best known guardian of the Grove for more centuries than any non-Alvar can remember.  

Trevin D'Vils is currently a member of the Council of Wizardry and The Grove has multiple treaties with the Council States for mutual protection and cooperation.  That being said, very few in the Council States know much about The Grove itself.  A few Councilors have been invited for a visit, but the inhabitants of The Grove are extremely reclusive.

What do we know about the inhabitants?  Well, The Grove has the largest, organized 'school' for Hermetic Druids, odd as that may seem.  The Grove thus has a large contingent of Hermetic Druids, and there are also known to be more traditional druids residing thre as well.

A number of Thaumaturgists have also visited and studied within The Grove and there is an extremely good Thaumaturgic school somewhere inside The Grove.   Most scholars doubt that the mountain ranges surrounding the grove are completely natural, and thus it is believed that at one time, if not currently, there must have been a number of very skilled Geomancers living and or working for The Grove.

Beyond this, we know that The Grove is a refuge of nature oriented species fleeing other planes of existence.  Often resting and regrouping in The Grove before migrating on to other safer planes, or settling somewhere in Astlan.

There are known to be a large number of hybrid races that have emigrated out of The Grove and into Astlan.  Specifically multiple variants of Satyrs, Centaurs and even Minotaurs.  Similarly, there are many tales of Dryads and Nymphs as well as forestal Los Sidhe living with the forests of The Grove.  Large bands of Fey creatures have been reportedly spotted within the Grove.

Trevin D'Vils is the official outside representative of The Grove and according to her, The Grove is ruled by a Council of Elders; to this sage's knowledge she's never revealed much in the way of details about this Council of Elders or its membership.

As for deities that might watch over The Grove: Cernunos, Lord of the Hunt and Pan the Satyr God are both known to have large followings within The Grove.  Further, rumors of huge Bachanalia imply that the god Bachus, also popular with the hybrdid races may hold sway there as well.


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