The Magedom of Turelane

The Magedom of Turelane is an independent state ruled by the hereditary Archimage of Turelane, currently Randolf the Second.  While tacitly a member of the Council of Wizardry, the Archimages have maintained their rule outside that of the Council States.  Historically, the Archimage's seat on the Council is often vacant as disagreements between the Council and the incumbent Archimage have been numerous.

The Archimage is a member of the Council of Wizardry, which might tacitly place the Magedom of Turelane within the Council States, however, the Archimage is also the ruler of Turelane and historically has not appointed a representative to the Council of Magistrates, and thus Turelane is not a full member of the Council States.  On those occasions when the ruling Archimage has sought representation on the Council of Magistrates, he or she has always tried to appoint themselves, which leads to inevitable political battles over dual representation and undue power and influence, and seen as an attempt to co-opt the Council States into the Magedom.  Further because of this lack of representation in the Council of Magistrates, and the associated politics, enforcement of Council policies within the Magedom is generally problematic and sporadic.

The Magedom of Turelane was one of the states founded after the fall of the Vargosite Empire.  It was founded by Turelane al Addin in 3 PV.  In 345 PV Randolf I (great grandfather of Randolf II) formed an alliance with the Wizard Exador, largely seen as a move to preclude a similar fate for Turelane that befell Abancia.  Exador's son (Exador) was subsequently appointed Mage of Turelane in 355 PV.  He served in this capacity until his death in 423 PV, He was succeeded by his son, the current Exador as Mage of Turelane in 427 PV  

Randolf I, considered one of the most powerful Archimages in Turelane's history died in 364 PV and was succeeded by his son Mustapha al Addin IV.  Mustapha IV was born late in his father's life and was only 18 when he became Archimage.  He reigned in the shadow of his mighty father and often delegated work to Exador, the Mage of Turelane.   He reigned until 402 PV and was succeeded by Hassan al Addin V who was 21 upon receiving the throne.  Randolf II was born in 405 PV and succeeded his father in 435, who passed at a relatively young age. 

The current Archimage is one of the more active Archimage's to sit on the Council of Wizardry, however some of the more vocal members of the council contend he attends more in the interest of causing strife than to ensure peace and free trade.  Unlike his father, Hassan V, Randolf I is known to keep his Mage of Turelane, Exador in close confidence and relies on him for many administrative details.

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